Вас приветствует радио "Ад"! Коротко о главном. Главным у нас по-прежнему Кроули. #Случайности не случаются случайно. (Дин Винчестер)
​На этот раз под фотографиями сохранены оригинальные комментарии от Себастьяна.

A little fun at the beach after rock climbing...:)

At the Paris Con with @chadlindberg :)

Traveling to the Bucec mountains to film a key scene :)

We look Ridicule euh!!!

An original at Bran Castle or as it is more commonly known Dracula's castle :)

Oh yeah, we're camping on set, with @ajcookofficial

Oh yeah, who had an amazing time in this awesome helicopter? :)

I'm roasting in the sun and loving it after all that rain here :)

Râsnov fortress :)

This is what night shoots will do to you :)

Nikoletta, my lovely Make-up girl :) she makes me look good :)

Hallo Deutschland :)

@mishacollins and myself fell asleep and still managed to take a photo of ourselves ;)

The green room :)

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